Michael Riordon

the view from where I live

Eating Fire

cover-eatfire-72“This book is cause for celebration, honouring ordinary Canadians leading extraordinary lives, written by a storyteller with an eye for the complexities of the heart.”  Richard Burnett, Hour magazine, Montreal.

“Michael Riordon brings us the singular and various voices of our tribe – worth everyone’s hearing.”  Jane Rule, author.

Eating Fire: family life, on the queer side offers a rare deep inside look at a rainbow of relationships, sexual and otherwise, that gay, lesbian, and transgendered people create to animate their lives: lovers, partners, parents/kids, quick tricks, torrid affairs, sweethearts, crushes, ex’s still in the picture, friends, bottoms and tops, threesomes, butches and fems, bears and johns.

Based on hundreds of intimate conversations across Canada, Eating Fire explores the deepest currents of life: sex, love, loneliness, abuse, power and consent, giving birth, death, being a wo/man, pleasure, fear, joy – the risks and rewards of creating family without boundaries.

Available in print and e-book.

Inside Eating Fire, read:


War & Peace, and Celery.

Roaming with Roxy.

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