Michael Riordon

the view from where I live

Out Our Way

“Wonderful book.  Run to your local independent bookseller and grab a copy.   Donald MacLean, Capital Xtra, Ottawa.

Out Our Way explores the richly varied lives of gay and lesbian Canadians living in small towns and the hinterland, coast to coast.  Travelling 27,000 km and recording more than 300 intimate conversations, the author weaves compelling stories of people aged fifteen to eighty-one, including First Nations/Two-Spirited, people living with HIV/AIDS, individuals, couples, communes, and a range of chosen families.  Riordon weaves in his own experience with his partner adapting to life in rural eastern Ontario.

Available: print and e-book.  In bookstores and libraries.

Inside Out Our Way: read excerpts

From God’s Country
The Gentleness of a Rural Circumstance

Critical comment

“Out Our Way has an amazing breadth of stories.  And Riordon is a charming guide on these travels through Canada.  Extremely evocative.”  Rachel Giese, The Globe & Mail, Toronto.

“A compelling, warmly written guide.”  Gerald Hannon, Quill & Quire, Toronto.

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