Michael Riordon

the view from where I live

Inside Our Way to Fight

“If ever a just peace is to grow in Israel-Palestine, it is people like these who will have planted and nurtured the seeds. The darker the weight of facts on the ground, the more urgent it is that their stories be told.”    From the Introduction, Our Way to Fight

Read fragments from the book/ hear excerpts from interviews recorded in Palestine and Israel:

Mustafa Staiti: My way to fight

Rutie Atsmon: The shock of my life

Nasser Abufarha: Insisting on life

Meir Margalit: The right words

Wafa Tayara & Michal Shwartz: Workers unite

Abdallah Abu Rahmah: A safe house

Dapne Banai: Firing zone

Haneen Masri: A beautiful country

Daana: We have a gift

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